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One reason is because I’m still eating Thanksgiving food!  Gail brought us some of her pumpkin pie today and yesterday she provided turkey vegetable soup–both so delicious.  Since we weren’t  home for Turkey Day, we had no fridge groaning with leftovers, so we were happy to have some of hers.

The view from the Cafe in the Boston Museum of Science.

I know this is all so very “last week,” but we had such a great time in New England that I want to share a couple of pictures with you.  Our first stop in Boston was the Museum of Science.  I went there many times as a child, brought my kids there and now it was a pleasure to bring Grandboy.  It’s still SUCH a wonderful destination.

This house is about 250 years old!

We stayed in Amesbury, Mass. and took a walk every day through the neighborhood near the hotel.  I’m a real child of New England and delight in seeing the architecture of old–I mean really old–houses.

Simple, proud, warm.

One lovely house after another.  All of these homes look out onto the Merrimac River.  The Atlantic Ocean is less than a mile away.

Is this a barn or is this a barn?

A stately cottage.

I’d like to go inside to explore every room in this one!

This is the one I picked out for myself:

Right on the water and it’s either fairly “new” or full of updates. I love updates!

Simple, clean architecture can compliment the surroundings beautifully.

We spent a day in Falmouth, Maine with my sister.  This is her backyard view at dusk.

Dramatic, isn’t it?

And lastly I’ll show you my brother’s house, where we spent Thanksgiving:

Jim’s ranch – where the best cook I know lives!

Inside that house lives a kind, generous, talented, busy family.  The fireplace is always burning and friends are always dropping by.  My brother cooked one of those “trash can” turkeys for dinner (no trash cans are actually involved).  A 22 lb. bird cooked in 90 minutes and the result was incredible.

One more very important thing happened last week–a member of our team got married.  Congratulations John!