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We’ve been living in our current home for 5 1/2 years and the dated brass light fixtures in the foyer and hallway have been begging for attention the entire time.  I’ve ignored them because I just haven’t seen any replacement options that I loved.  The ceiling is just 8 feet high and the foyer is tiny (so odd that this is the house of my dreams, but it is).  It can’t take much in the way of size or depth. This is the kind of fixture that we had:

brass light fixture

Oh so very brassy yet nondescript.

And then one day, there it was, in the Ballard Designs catalog:

Moravian star light fixture

A Moravian star!

I LOVE this light-have ALWAYS wanted one of these, but they usually come with one bulb, which is too dim for me.  This one has two bulbs!  And it casts such lovely shadows!  It says “Hello gorgeous!” to all who enter.

Foyer light fixture

Worth the wait.

So that’s the foyer light.  There are two more of those darn brassy fixtures down the hallway, so now I have to find their replacements.  Will keep you posted.

Hey!  I did it–5 posts in 5 days.  Quite the accomplishment (?). Next week GAIL says she’s going to do a post.  I can’t wait!