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I voted!  Had to say that right off as it’s always such a thrill and worth taking a moment to remember how lucky we are to participate in the democratic process.

On to collections.  Yesterday I wrote about my much loved collection of vintage bracelets.  My more visible collections are natural elements (shells, rocks, pine cones–sometimes even acorns), artwork and teacups.

Shells make me feel connected to the ocean.

These granite “eggs” make me feel connected to my childhood home state of Maine.

These fine bone china teacups make me feel connected to another time and much loved people who are no longer here. See the dust on the glass shelves? Just avert your eyes.

Artwork makes me feel connected to the creative possibilities in every day.

That piece of art was created by Lori Easterlin of Durham, NC.  She’s a fantastic artist, accomplished in all sorts of media, and a good friend of mine.  I have a varied art collection by both local and nationally known artists, and have to say it makes me extra happy when the art hanging on my walls has been done by a friend.

Obviously the bottom line of my collections is that they make me feel connected to something I hold dear.  That’s the point of a collection; not amassing a lot of stuff, but rather having and displaying items in my home that are touchstones–they make me smile and remind me that life is good.

What do you collect?