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It’s Monday, so I’m full of energy, big plans and resolutions.  One resolution is that I’m going to do a Blog Blitz this week–a fresh post every day between now and Friday!  We’ll see how I fare.  There’s no real reason (or need) for this, except that it’s Monday and I’m full of energy, big plans and resolutions (but you already know that).

Collections is our topic for the day.  Being originally from New England, collecting is in  my blood.  However, my personal style, whether it be in home decor or fashion,  tends toward clean lines and simplicity, causing me to fight the urge to collect.  My brain is always going full speed ahead, so I don’t need lots of stuff and fuss around me or on me.  But I do have a couple of carefully curated collections that speak to my heart and make me smile.  Take my bracelets for example:

Some very sparkly party girls!

I have a modest collection of vintage costume jewelry.  A couple of pins and necklaces, but mostly bracelets.  Here are some of the divas that occasionally take a turn on my wrist.  They’re great fun to wear, except that the prongs holding all those flashy stones tend to grab at clothing and furnishings, so they don’t get out much.  But they are a joy to behold and some are absolute works or art (to me).

My favorite one, really, is this one:

My everyday buddy.

This one goes with everything and the prongs aren’t sharp.  A dear friend gave it to me.  Actually, friends have given me many of my bracelets!

Quieter members of the collection, but just as treasured.

Now these are a different bunch.  Not so flashy, but very important. The 2 large silver bracelets on the top row were my mom’s, as was the Timex watch with the big face on the bottom.  I wear them when I really need her presence at my side.  The Mickey Mouse watch was given to me by my children one year for Christmas and I bought the turtle bracelet at the Supreme Court Gift Shop in DC (everyone has a gift shop in DC!)–they symbolize the slow pace of justice.  I was working in family court at the time and could really relate. All of these pieces have a story.

What bracelet am I wearing today?

The colors of Fall!

With my orange cord jacket and ombre silk scarf, I’m adding this amazing piece.  It’s small, but full of sharp prongs and loaded with sparkle.  So watch out!