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Have I properly introduced you all to the other half of DeCocco Design Drapes?  Gail Healy is an expert seamstress who runs an amazing workroom (It’s Curtains) that produces high end, fully custom window treatments for area interior designers and customers all over the eastern half of the United States.  I was one of those designers working with Gail and we always had FUN coming up with gorgeous drapes, valances, roman shades, etc. for my clients.  We would often say that we wanted to find a way to work together more often.

Here’s Gail’s picture from our website, looking calm and composed.

Well, be careful what you wish for!  Back in January of this year, I called Gail with the idea to start up DeCocco Design Drapes.  She jumped on board with both feet and became a full partner in this new endeavor.  Gail isn’t making our drapes–she’d have to clone herself many times over.  We now have our own workroom  to manage that task.

Gail’s enthusiasm, vast workroom  knowledge, kindness, sense of humor and love of popcorn are evident every single day.  On top of all that, Gail is into organization, research, record-keeping and financial responsibility.  OMG!  It was hard for me to even type that last sentence–I’m not saying I don’t share in those tasks, I’m just sayin’ I hate them.

The real Gail, with hammer in hand, working at a recent installation!

Most of all, Gail loves her husband and kids, her boat and water skis, eating chocolate and popcorn (office staples) and to have fun.  And to laugh. We laugh all the time, mostly at ourselves.  Learning how to get an eCommerce site up has been quite the education and our brains are in flames by the end of many days, but it also has it’s share of hysterical moments.

Here I am–same picture on the website. All neat and ladylike with the pearls.

And the real Anne, at my desk, feet up, goofing off. Fuzzy picture–I’m a woman of a certain (yet fabulous) age. I love fuzzy pictures!

Here’s us again.  I was playing on the iPhone with the Aviary app, trying to be hip, but yet again achieving great fuzziness:

half a Gail

half an Anne

Put those two halves together and you get DeCocco Design Drapes!  Your online source to make your windows sparkle with style.