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The best tools to use for measuring window and ceiling heights are one of these metal tape measures and a pencil or piece of chalk.  These directions are for full length drapes.

1. Measure from the top of your window trim to the floor and also from the ceiling to the floor.  In many houses, the top of the window is 84″ and the ceiling height is 96,” so we’ll use those numbers as our example.  This means you’ve got 12 inches between the top of the window and the ceiling.  There might be crown molding taking up some of those inches–that’s lovely and makes no difference right now.

2.  It’s an everyday designer trick to hang window treatments high–NOT in line with the window trim.  Longer drapes have a bigger impact and make the room feel taller.  Our 88″ length will work well in rooms with 8′ ceilings and give an updated look.  If you want to add a couple more inches to the length–whether to go up higher or to have some puddling at the floor–go for it.  Just shoot us an email and we’ll tell you how to customize your order (it’s very easy).

Here’s an example of the difference between hanging an 84″ drape and an 88″ drape on a window in a room with 8 foot ceilings.

The window is the same size in both pictures. On the right side, not only did we use an 88″ length pair of drapes, but we also used a wider rod. Can you see how these changes make the window look bigger?

Moving on to 9 foot ceilings: that’s 108″ to play with.  Even if 6-12 inches is taken up with crown moldings, you’ve still got plenty of room to hang our 96″ length and flank your windows with style.

Higher ceilings need longer lengths!

And even higher ceilings need even longer length drapes to keep drawing the eye up.  Otherwise, the space above the window starts to look bare and cold:

A warm, polished look for a taller window in a room with higher ceilings.

A mention about where the bottom of the drapes should hit: it’s really personal preference: they can sit 1/4″ above the floor, barely touch the floor, do a trouser break or even puddle on the floor like a messy diva.  Whatever makes you think, “there, that’s perfect!” is the right answer on that issue.

The illustrations in this post were created using our Boxes fabric in Apple Green.  This modern graphic pattern also comes in 5 other colors. Look for them on the website!