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This is an educational post.  I’ll keep it as short as I can and will try to entertain you with pictures when possible.  You will be a better person for reading this, so do your best.

When we work with our clients at DeCocco Design, we spend a lot of time searching for the right fabric in the best color, and then some fabulous trim and finally the right design (considering header style, length, fullness, etc.).  Then we get a deposit, place orders for all the materials and have it shipped off to our professional workroom.  That’s the start of a truly custom window treatment and all that time spent is billed to the client at an hourly rate (or packaged into the price).

Chocolate tones

When we work with our customers ordering draperies online from DeCocco Design Drapes, the above mentioned work has already been done.  You get to skip the hourly rate part.  Your fabric and trim choices are on the webpage for your perusal and selection with a click, click, click.  Ordering swatches ensures that the colors you see on your screen will work in your home.  We’ll talk more about swatches in another post.

So now we proceed with the process, but from this point on it’s the same whether you’re buying truly custom curtains from an interior designer or ordering from our website–the only difference is in price (and it’s a big difference) and time spent (another big savings).   We left off at the workroom: they receive the materials and get to work with their very sharp scissors and very cool commercial sewing machines to make the window treatments.  Here’s a picture:

Well, the machines are cool to me.  Not pretty, but workhorses.   Nothing needs to be very high-tech in a sewing machine that’s connected to a person, not to a computer.  What it needs to be is precise AND used at the hands of experienced people.  Of course, different machines do different things.  Don’t ask me what this machine does.  I’m the designer and smart enough (and fortunate enough)  to work with this 2nd generation workroom here in North Carolina and they know which machine does what.  But I digress, as usual.

Love this color combination!

So now the workroom has received your stunning, carefully selected fabric, trim and lining to make the drapery panels.  A quick word about the linings we use in every panel we sell: they are premium weight linings.  We haven’t seen this gorgeous  product used outside of custom work by any other provider of window treatments, both online or in stores, UNLESS they add a substantial up-charge for the privilege.   This is not an add-on for DeCocco Design Drapes.  Great lining is an integral part of luxurious, custom drapes. They feel better, hang better, last longer.

This is what happens when I cook… You didn’t want a picture of white lining, did you?

Focus Anne!  Wait–did I tell you that our workroom only does custom work?  Nothing is ready to go, sitting on the shelf.  Each order is a custom job.  Every drapery panel gets the same fine details: double fullness, 4″ double hem with weighted corners, 4″ buckram headers with pleats, 3 1/2″ returns and finally careful, loving handling while being placed in an appropriate sized box to be shipped to your door.

A happy customer just sent us this photo to share.

It’s a lovely, civilized process.  It starts with an order and results in your windows looking fabulous.  Proudly made in the U.S.A. and created by two women who love both their customers and their product.