Thank you to all who have served in a war and to all the families and friends who endured the ultimate sacrifice that their loved ones made for our freedom.  I am enjoying this day in their memory and in their honor.

Today we’ve got so many beautiful flowers in our house!  There’s a lot blooming outside, so I put a little bunch of gardenias in the powder room.  What a wonderful scent they have.  Here’s a little, fuzzy picture of them.  The more I work on  my photography skills, the fuzzier my pictures become–what’s that about?

Then I have this little bouquet of yellow on a table in the space-formerly-known-as-the-Train-Room.  Ok, let’s get over that right now.  It’s the library:

Notice the little picture of the skating nuns.  That was my mom’s. Always makes me smile. 
In the kitchen we’ve got 2 bouquets.  We had a little soiree for a much loved friend yesterday (a milestone birthday!).  I went into the yard and cut a couple of hydrangeas and buddleia and put them on the table.  I do NOT have a knack for floral arrangment, so this was pretty good for me. There was a tablecloth for the party, but now it’s in the washing machine.
See the strange thing in the center of the window?  That’s the world’s best hummingbird feeder.  Costs about $6 at the hardware store.  The sweet little birds come right up to the window all day long to have a sip.  Our  own version of “Planet Earth.”
The guest of honor brought me flowers (Emily Post would be mortified).  I’m drawing a blank on the name of these beauties.  Maybe Asiatic Lilies?  They are extravagantly gorgeous with a powerful scent.
Just starting to open up.  Here’s the first bloom that’s welcoming the day. Hello gorgeous!
And then on the screened porch there are the iconic happy sunflowers.
There is no such thing as a bad picture of a sunflower.
And speaking of the screened porch, you know how much I love it and how happy I am when I get to hang the lanterns from the ceiling.  I’m going to hang more lanterns up this year.  Hub will surely roll his eyes–they’re not his favorite decorative element.  Crazy man. They are FABULOUS!
Our slice of heaven–the best room in a much loved house.  Life is good.