TJ Pappas of Soft Wind Soap makes really wonderful products.  I’m sure I’ve told you about his soaps before–everyone in this house uses them.  Grandboy uses the oatmeal soap in the tub because he has very sensitve skin.  Hub likes the shampoo bar (yes, shampoo in the form of a bar of soap!) and I use the Tea Tree complexion bar for my tissue-thin little face (replaces prescription soap).  Late last year TJ sent me some lotion disks to try. They are FABULOUS!

The lotion disk comes in a sweet little tin.  I pull the disk out at bedtime and rub it between my hands, which warms it up and releases the rich lotion.  I really work it in over my hands (you can use it on legs, arms, feet, etc. of course) and they have NEVER looked better.  While it doesn’t turn back the hands of time (oh, almost a pun there), it does stop it in it’s tracks.  It costs $4.00 a tin!  One tin lasts me 5 weeks.  Lots of fragrance choices, including unscented.  I like the Lavendar and Gardenia best.
If you’re moaning about your dry hands, contact TJ by clicking on his name and order up a couple of disks to try.  You can also find Soft Wind Soap on FB. You will love them.  Can you tell I’ve just discovered the Text Background Colour tool?  Fun!