A lot to catch up on.  Late this summer I found this favorite treat from New England at The Fresh Market on Falls of Neuse:

Whoopie Pie!  They’re really good.  Really good.  My mom used to make these.  The filling was shortening and confectioner’s sugar.  Seriously.  Shortening. 

So I mentioned that we got a dog, Dixie .  Then I disappeared.  While I said that I knew how much work it would be, my true memory is obviously quite dim.  But one nice thing about having a new dog is that I have to take her outside A LOT. As I walk and stand in the rain, in the dark, in the early morning, in the afternoon… hopeful for some doggy drainage, I have nothing to do but stare at the beautiful tree trunks in the yard.  And the beatiful “stuff” growing on the trunks is interesting.  I don’t know if it’s called moss or lichen or what.  The colors and patterns are lovely.

I’ve also seen quite the variety of mushrooms.  All kinds of colors and shapes!  Who knew?  But here’s the one that stopped me in my tracks and made me go get the camera:

No, I do not have a dirty mind, but come on–is this freaky or what?
Back to Dixie.  We got her on Labor Day weekend, so we all had plenty of time to get to know each other.  but then Tuesday came and Hub went to work (YAY!) and Grandboy went to school (YAY!) and when they both disappeared out the door together, this is Dixie looked like:
She’s looking a little scared to be left with me, don’t you think?  I’m the one with all the treats, but I’m also the one who insists on good behavior.  Bummer.   Gosh, she’s cute.  Gosh, people with new dogs are such a bore.  I don’t care.
So this is what I’ve purchased since getting the dog from the truly fabulous folks at the Wake SPCA:
the dog (bargain priced)
pretty collar 
a harness style leash (SPCA recommend)
a retractable leash (my choice)
repairs to the invisible fence (Dog Guard of Raleigh is fabulous)
a lead (the vet’s choice)
a Gentle Leader (another freakin’ kind of leash, works great, phew)
approx. 8 very tough toys (she’s a lab, can chew up a tennis ball in 10 minutes)
a vet visit (Care First Animal Hospital, a wonderful place)
3 months worth of heartworm and flea preventatives
Benadryl (she came with an upper respiratory infection)
obedience lessons at Petco with the talented Corianna
dog food – training treats
hot dogs – training treats
chicken – you get the drift
cheese – I’ll try it all
packaged treats – they see me coming
a barrier for the car (she wants to drive)
I’m sure I’ve missed a couple of things
So my hope to purchase a kayak this Fall will be seriously delayed. I know all those purchases may not sound necessary to you, but you’re not the small woman in her 50’s being dragged across the yard by an exuberant, sparkling, spirited dog who just saw a deer and then a squirrel and don’t forget about the CAT!!!!  It takes some serious motivation to gently break this wild pony and bring her up to our own low, but civilized standards. And Grandboy loves having her at his side.  They run and tumble and the TV hasn’t been turned on all week.   So there.
I won’t talk about the dog anymore.  It’s out of my system now.  Well, I’ll try not to.