We watched “Sarah’s Summer House” on HGTV this weekend.  The talented interior designer is showing the reno of her summer cottage on a tiny island on a large lake.  As usual, Sarah does a beautiful job with a large budget–just the kind of thing I love to fantasize about.  Anywho, not to be outdone, Hub and Grandboy gifted me with my own version of a summer cottage for Mother’s Day:

It has a lovely green exterior, copper roofing and a stainless chimney.  Love it!  My feathered guests started to arrive within minutes of installation.  At one point today I looked out and saw a bluebird sitting on the roof, a red cardinal on the perch and a ruby throated hummingbird sipping at his own feeder attached to my window.  The squirrels are eyeing it, but so far haven’t tried to dismantle it (they will try, in time).
Life is good.