I went to the Opening Event for Nolte Home Studio, a German kitchen cabinet company, on Tuesday evening.  They’re located in Pleasant Valley Promenade in Raleigh and have a nice showroom, displaying their cabinetry finishes, countertop choices and some really wonderful, efficient, useful shelving options that I love.  What they can do with a corner cabinet is amazing and will make you scoff at the old lazy-susan design.  And pantries!  Soft close hinges, of course.  What did we do before our cupboards and drawers quietly closed themselves?  Oh yeah, we did it for them–I still do.  No wonder I’m so tired at the end of the day!

Here’s some pix of their kitchens:

The door is opened…

The door is closed.
Upper cabinets that open from the bottom–interior glass shelves (an option), lighting strip. 

Miele appliances, too.  Delish.  You can do the whole kitchen with Nolte Home.  They also make bedroom furnishings and wardrobes.  Perfect for lovers of modern design, clean lines and gorgeous hardware. 
I love this style in the older ranch homes that are being renovated all over our area.  Stunning.  Also in the new condos and townhomes.  European design doesn’t need lots of room.  It shines in smaller spaces because it’s so creative and efficient and it doesn’t scream “KITCHEN!”  I’d love to put one of their lacquered finishes in my laundry room, in a colorful hue.  It could be a fabulous “before” and “after” promo for them, don’t you think?  Yes, we just finished the countertop project with the $3 hollow core door,  but it’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make.
Nolte Home Studio is currently giving a serious discount on installation, so this would be a good time to go look at the new showroom.  Tell Todd, a member of their extremely nice and knowledgeable sales team, that I sent you and that you are to have a bit of a discount on the whole job because you are, after all, one of my peeps.  The store phone number is 919-783-7910.
One more picture.  I love a stainless sink!