Wow.  Busy, wonderful weekend and now it’s Wednesday already.  I extended the holiday for one extra day and spent most of it on the screened porch, reading the Sunday New York Times.  One of my all-time favorite activities!  Two articles in the NYT Magazine that I wanted to share with you.  The Young Mother Abroad  by Janny Scott is a fascinating look into the story of why Barack Obama’s mother took him to Indonesia as a little boy and then sent him back to Hawaii to live with his grandparents several years later.  I think every mother would find this story to be very interesting.  It’s not a quick read, but worth taking the time.  Not a political story whatsoever. 

Another story in a very different vein is The Return of Ellen Barkin by Alex Witchel.  I love reading about people; their lives, their decisions, how they face challenges.  

SO much going on.  Not enough hours in the day right now.  Grandboy is on Spring Break, he had a FABulous birthday last weekend with family but his kid-party is still coming up.  Things are hopping at DeCocco Design and I’m trying to get to that bedside table project. Did I tell you that I finished reading “The Help?” Bravo to the author, Kathyrn Stockett, on a job well done.  What a story.  What a time in our history.  Tough stuff.