I love trees in every season, but have to say that I get the most excited by the sight of their emerging leaves in the Spring.  I am SO glad they’re back!   I also welcome the flowers that preceed the leaves on some of my dear friends, such as the gorgeous purple redbuds that are strutting their stuff this month.

What amazing little petals these are.  And they just cover the branches of the whole tree.
And so much more.  Oh, a girl from Maine never gets over Spring in North Carolina!  So early!  So full of flowers!  So warm!  Well, it wasn’t warm today, that’s for sure.  But last week was in the 80’s, so let’s not get carried away with a pity party.  My sister in Maine had snow.   

And look at the Lambs Ears that are already up with their soft, fuzzy leaves!  Mr. Turtle is lovin’ them up!  I put the hummingbird feeder out early last week, but so far, no one has come for a drink.  Last year it was right around this week when the first tiny hummer came around, so I wanted to be sure to be ready.  Will keep you posted.

If it’s not quite Spring yet where you are, hang on, it’s coming.