I popped into Suzanna’s Antiques this afternoon and found this fabulous little table just for you:

It’s sitting in front of the shop that says “Ye Old Trading Post.”  There are so many vendors at Suzanna’s that I have to really pay attention to where I see things.  This table is wood, very  nice lines and just needs a bit of sanding to make it ready for your next project.
What could you do with this?  Well, first of all, it’s a perfect coffee table.  It could also be a craft table for kids.  It could be a console in front of a low window, holding plants or family photos.  It could sit on the front porch or the screened-in back porch.  It could be painted a snappy shade like lime.  Marine blue.  Coral.  Panetone’s-color-of-the-year honeysuckle (pink). It could just be stained or even given a clear coat(or 3) of satin poly that lets the wood grain shine. Or how about having a stainless top fitted over it?  Better, yet, a copper one.  I’m looking for a local source to do that very thing on another old piece.
Need a creative interior designer to help you come up with ideas like this?  Well, check out my website and give me a call!
Oh!  Didn’t I tell you the price on this? $15.00.  Yes indeedy, $15.  I had to take myself by the hand and walk away from it so that I could give you a fair shot at it.  I was at Suzanna’s for about 10 minutes when I spotted this and had already found a couple of other “finds” to show you.  This one won out because it has the combination of decent quality to work with, nice versatile shape AND a price that can’t be beat. 
 You are welcome.  Enjoy the weekend.