Diana Porter lives directly across the street from our house in Raleigh.  I know her–she’s a great neighbor and the loving mother of two tiny, adorable children.  I knew that she was employed as a teacher before having children, so in my head her label read “teacher.”

Then I discovered another label for Diana–artist. She has beautiful paintings scattered about her house; many of them lovely landscapes (my favorite paintings always seem to be landscapes), some with water views (even better). I almost fell on the floor when I learned that she had done them all. It’s so much fun when you learn about another layer of a person you thought you knew.  Diana Porter is an artist!  Here’s one of her landscapes:

Diana Porter
This landscape is 9×12 inches. It is a painting of the view from West Lake Road in Skaneateles New York.  Pastel on pastel paper. Oh, this would be so pretty in a frame on your wall.  Every time you pass by and glance at it, your blood pressure will drop a bit.  Paintings begin at $200, depending on whether it’s framed.  Diana also works in acrylics.
And another

Diana Porter
Diana also makes jewelry, like this beaded cuff in gorgeous colors:
Diana Porter
One more–she makes wonderful door signs.  This one is for a child and only costs $25:
Diana Porter
Something for everyone.  If you click on her name, Diana Porter, it will take you to her website.  Very bare bones, but it gives you contact info.  It’s exciting to know that she’s an artist.  Now when I look across the street at night and see the light on in one of the rooms upstairs, I know that she’s painting yet another beautiful scene while her children sleep.