I think I’ve mentioned that I’m originally from Maine.  I spent much of my youth in New Hampshire.  Two beautiful states, filled with gorgeous trees, wonderful people and my favorite coastlines.  But cold, cold,cold winters.  So this amazing NC weather will never get old for me.  Warm, sunny days that allow us to have big pots of pansies out on the porch all winter long (well, not our porch, we have deer, but let’s not ruin the mood).  I soak it up and am ever grateful to be here.

Find of the Week– I went to Ecko, over on Glenwood Ave., in Raleigh.  Neal is the top dog over there and he’s very knowledgeable about his products and a dapper dresser.  I was looking at kitchen chairs in particular for a lovely client. You all know how hard it is to find great kitchen chairs.  They’ve got to take some abuse, but we want them to be stylish too.  And we don’t want to spend a ton on them because it’s nice to change them out every now and then.  Sorry, but I don’t want the same chairs for a lifetime, I want to have a little fun with that part of the room.  Ecko has some great choices in metal finishes and leather.  These two are my favs from last week’s visit:

This is the Violetta.  $200.  It comes in a myriad of finishes and seat fabrics.  Love it!  I wouldn’t go with that fabric, just because of all the white, but there are plenty of other equally fun choices.  That metal color is a charcoal. Fabulous.

This is the Bennet in leather.  $150 each.  Comfy.  Nice clean lines.  So handsome.

Just about everything at Ecko comes in several finishes and fabrics.  And they carry a fair amount of market samples, so there are some real bargains to be found.  Every lover of contemporary style can find something to take home at Ecko.  My own kitchen chairs were Ecko clearance finds and everyone who walks into our kitchen says “where’d you get those chairs?” 
Life is short.  Have some fun chairs.