Schumacher Trees
Well, the days have been busy.  Yesterday, despite my best efforts at maintaining a peaceful vibe, I had a small meltdown.  While wrapping gifts, I discovered a small bag of merchandise to be totally missing.  I searched high and low.  No, it had obviously been left behind at the store.  I called the store and they said to come with my receipt.  I was SO mad, mostly at myself.  It’s my own responsibility to leave the store with all the bags.  But when I got there, the bag had been set aside, waiting for me.  Phew.  BIG sigh of relief.  Refinding the items would have been quite the hassle.
Grandboy’s  big gift is of the electronic variety and I’ve read in some of the reviews that we need to open it up and get it all started up so that he can play with it on Christmas.  Something about using the computer and blabbity blab blab.  I’ve assigned this chore to Hub, but you know that doesn’t mean I’ve let go of it.   Some reviewers said it’s easy as pie, others have said it’s quite difficult.  Reading product reviews is a double edged sword!  At least we know to get started on it. 
I wish you all peace.  I wish for a beautiful new year for our world.  As tough as these times are, life is good.