Every year at this time I try a new crafty project.  Some have worked out very well, like my accent pillows (sold them all in a gallery, lah dee dah),
 or my little beaded elves that adorned tags on gifts.  I made mine out of glass beads, so they were a tad prettier than this picture from Parents Magazine (oh yeah, I get my ideas everywhere!).
Some not so well, like the damn garlands made by cutting very heavy foil into leaves and acorns–ouch!  Very pretty Martha, but the maker ends up in bandages.  This year I’m experimenting with memory wire to continue the jewelry making journey that every woman eventually, it seems, must tackle.  But then today the pom pom maker arrived. 
Etsy.com  This is not mine, I just got the tool today!
 OH. MY. GOSH I love pom poms and this thing is really easy.  But what does one do, exactly, with fancy pom poms?    Oh dear.