Everyone needs a great, local jewelry store to call their own, so let me introduce you to Vigari Jewelers.  They’re located on Strickland and Leesville Rd in Raleigh (in the shopping center with the Teeter).  919-870-6611.

You need your own jewelry store for many reasons.  First and foremost for repairs, maintenance and sizing of jewelry that you already own.  Then you need a place where you can find unique pieces, gifts, trends and, of course, those very occasional but absolutely fabulous BIG purchases marking special events.  Oh!  I think I hear holiday bells as I’m typing this!  Who has the time to search out these things?  AND you don’t have to set foot in a mall.  AND it’s a store owned by local people. 

At Vigari’s, you’ll find amazing customer service and vast knowledge from Michael and Travis.  They are both such gems!  I’m sorry–I had to say it!  You can describe what you’re looking for and they can pull out catalogs and find it for you.  From the moment you walk into their store, you become a special customer, no matter what you buy.

Right now they have a case of these super fab ICE Watches.  They come in a medium or large size, so they work for both men and women.  The colors are phenomenal. 
 This is the one I would pick for me:
Oh, it would be highly versatile in my wardrobe.  Is Hub reading this?  Is he?