I love reading my Sunday New York Times. Each and every page is caressed by my hands and read until my eyeballs are burning.  Sometimes it takes me all week to get through it–not because of its’ size (getting thinner like all my favorite newspapers), but because I really want to give each section my full attention.  I don’t have a lot of “full attention” time.

This week there was a special New York Times Style Magazine.  Inside, there’s an article, written by Pilar Viladas, about a home built on an island in the Pacific Northwest.  Photographs by Dwight Eschliman.  First I’ll show you the bathroom sink:

Do you see it?  The sink?  Under the extended faucet?  Carved into the rock? Wow!  Now that’s something to see!  And look out the window!  How does one not stand there all day, transfixed by the view?
Here’s a few more pix of the house.  Enjoy your day.
I feel chilly in this room, but with a fire going in the fireplace, the chandelier turned on to sparkle and a couple of thick, warm, colorful throws, I could settle right in and just look out the window.
Here’s how to make a gray day seem just fine.  Fire and water.  So good.