Every year, top name designers descend on a home in New York and turn it into the Kips Bay Show House, a major fundraiser for the Kips Bay Boys and Girls Club.  It’s a fantastical event with amazing rooms.  I found the following pix on the New York Times slideshow page.  While the rooms can sometimes be over the top in terms of finishes for an active family, they are chock full of great ideas and design lessons.  Enjoy!

Entrance by Kate Ridder
Look at the saturated color in this tiny space!
Dining Room by Cullman and Kravis
Photo from Habitually Chic
I think the drapes are what make this room. They warm it up and keep it elegant.
Eve Robinson kitchen
Large scale wallpaper pattern in purple!
Mural by Nina Helms
Mural made of rubber and plaster–wow!
Noel Jeffrey bedroom
That little bench at the foot of the bed is unexpected.  Not something I would do, but I applaud the effort.
Verdi and D’Elia landing
I’ll bet that ceiling is painted in a high gloss finish.  Look how it reflects the light!
J. and J. Michaels room
Whisper as you read this–so quiet, so calm.
J. and J. Michaels room
This is another wall in the previous room.  Keep whispering.  The blood pressure is lowering…