I had the chance to get over to Once and Again, a wonderful furniture and accessories consignment store in Durham (5420 Chapel Hill Blvd.).  They’re in a nice big space and have all sorts of interesting things.  The owner is known for having a very good eye for great stuff and the turnover is quick.  SO, my “find of the week” might be gone by the time you get there, but you’ll find something else, I’m sure of it.

Actually, I can’t decide between 2 finds at Once and Again, so I’ll show you both:

This little turquoise chest is priced at $68.00.  It’s about 4 feet high, with small glass knobs.  While the color is okay, I don’t like the finish–it feels sort of flat to me–so I would sand and repaint. But for $68.00 you could do a lot with this piece.  Those drawers could hold lingerie (I think technically  it’s a lingerie chest), craft supplies or so many other things that it boggles the mind.  It could sit in the bonus room,  bathroom,  laundry room, guest room, a walk in closet (fab for sorting mittens, hats, scarfs) or a teen’s room.  I always think of teens for the oddest stuff, I know.   Personally, I want it for storage in my office.  I’d paint it a glossy color, maybe tomato or gray (quite a difference there Anne).
Here’s the other find:
This walnut rocker is gorgeous and comfortable.  $125.00!  Can you believe it?  I’d change the seat upholstery to something more modern, but that’s just my taste.  The wood is lovely and the finish feels satiny.  Nice piece.  I can’t think of anywhere that this chair couldn’t go.  I should have bought it. 
I’ve got some more pictures from that store to show you.  Tonmorrow.