This is my kitchen
I’ve been putting more pictures on the “My Work” page (look on the right sidebar of this blog where it says “DECOCCO DESIGN”, find those words and click).  This was one of the pictures I was adding and I found that, instead of a quick caption underneath, I was writing a paragraph..  So I’ll make it a post instead.
When we moved into this house, we did a LOT of expensive things to renovate and update.  Putting in a new kitchen was not in the cards.  So we had the old oak cabinets painted this lovely sagey color and the walls a neutral khaki, purchased a new island and counter depth fridge and moved our stuff in.  I love this room.  There are a few things you can’t see, like the little desk and the pantry, but you get the gist.  It’s a nice size kitchen and we could tear it out and make a showstopper, but I hope we never do. 
This room feels old, warm and cozy to me.  It feels like the place where spaghetti sauce is stirred, brownies are made and science experiments are conducted in the sink.  And that’s exactly what happens here.  I make homemade pizza on that island every Friday (what a mess–are you a messy cook?  I sure am!).
See those lovely oval Vietri dishes hanging on the wall over on the left (there are 3, you can’t see them all).  Underneath those dishes is original artwork by my favorite artist when he was 4 years old (he’s now 5).