Went to Ikea, had a good time, as usual.  Such simple, light hearted design!  Such clean lines and great ideas!  Such heavy, heavy boxes!  Here’s what I chose to take a picture of this time:

These are glas panels that sit on top of a light box.  I love letters, so this “eye chart” kind of design really appealed to me.  The glass panels are $20 each and come in  range of designs.  The light boxes cost another $30 or so.  I like the idea of it all, but what you don’t see in the photo is the electrical cord with on/off switch that hangs right below.  I’m famous for my disdain for cords.  I don’t want to see them!  So I’m loving the concept, but want it mounted on the wall like a sconce (hardwired).  So much for $20, I know.  But it’s an idea you could really run with!
I’ve gotten a lot of nice feedback on the blog lately.  Thank you!