New feature–I promise you a “find of the week” each and every week.  My hope is that the find will be from a local store, but I’m not ruling out the ocassional online find.  This week it’s this FABulous chair.

I found this at the Home Comfort store on Glenwood in Raleigh.  This color is on sale for $749.95.  It’s leather and vinyl–a new concept to me (probably an old concept, but I can’t stay on top of everything, so I’m calling it new).  That mean the sides and back are vinyl and the rest is leather.  Nice, aniline dyed leather.  AND it’s a recliner!  The color is hard to tell from the picture.  It’s a pretty bright chartreuse, which is a yellow/green.  It comes in other colors (price goes up a bit).  In an otherwise neutral room, this color would be a hit.  Would also go well with lots of other colors because chartreuse is a color found in nature (think of Spring leaves).  It’s fairly small in size; a big guy would find it small.  But it’s size means it could fit in many a space that otherwise couldn’t take a big leather club chair.  And remember that it’s a recliner!  Nice for a small reading corner, great in a bedroom, lovely next to a fireplace.  Adorable in a teen’s room.  I could think of lots of places for this chair.
 I sat in it–very comfy.  I thought the big buttons might be a problem, but I didn’t feel them at all.  Really, this chair is a find!  Go see Richard Altman at Home Comfort if you’d like to buy this chair.  Again, it comes in other colors if you’re just not this brave, but you’re looking for a small leather recliner.  They’re hard to find.  One more feature–it’s made by Lane, a North Carolina furniture company.
You’re welcome!