The following pictures show great example of the importance of attention to detail in design.  I love details.  They’re the magic secret and who doesn’t love magic secrets?
Kathryn Scott
What I’m lovin’ about the above room is that there are a LOT of lines in the room, so the designer made sure that there’s some curves to balance things out and make the space feel comfortable.  No curves would have made it stiff and overly formal.  And look at those accent pillows on the sofa to the right.  That little pop of blue really does it for me. 
Miles Redd
Oh, that blue lacquered wall!  Wow!  I could eat it with a spoon.  And I can see some lacquer on the bottom of the beam across the wall, too.  Details!
David Lawrence
The detail I want you to pay attention to in this blue room is at the top of the drapes.  That litle border of gray silk (or whatever it is) brings the eye up from sofa.  Nicely done.
Eric Cohler
This beige sofa (my favorite color for a sofa) is brought to life with those pillows, especially the bold introduction of primary colors right smack in the middle.  The green vase full of fat peonies on the coffee table is nice, too, although I’ll bet that’s just a staging accessory.  The peonies (is that spelled right?) are exactly the same color as the sheer drapes!
These photos come from House Beautiful, a lovely magazine.  Hope you have a great weekend.