I snapped this photo the other day while Grandboy and I were eating lunch on the back deck. The budleia bushes have been loaded with butterflies all summer long. Pretty, pretty, pretty. Oh but wait, I have another picture that is even better:

That Grandboy is quite a guy. He’s gorgeous and fun and smart as a whip. Sigh. I just love him.

So I’ve been a real slug with the blog. The hardest part for me is the pictures. There’s plenty to talk about, but a blog without pictures is a bore to me, so I need to quit complaining, take some pix and blog. That’s the plan. I also have to admit that I follow a number of blogs and they’re all so good, packed with info and fun to read, that I’m feeling very intimidated. But let’s just step away from Mr. Jealousy and give this thing some effort.

Have put the Koi pillow up for sale on the Etsy site. Also lowered the prices dramatically and am about to start promoting it for real (although I say that every day). Let’s have a goal; must send out some promos to friends and family by Monday. I’m good with deadlines, so maybe that will work.

Then I made another pillow. Fellow Etsy members have suggested that I have some lower priced items for sale (much lower, like $30). So, at the suggestion of the beloved sister in law, Mary Grace, I’ve made a very simple pillow. No piecing of various wools, no zipper, slightly smaller in size. But still soft, felted wool, nice velvet back and a nice design that would be useful to the babies of the world. It’s not pink or blue, it’s not mass produced or have a TV character on it. It’s a sweet pillow with clean lines and can decorate the room or either a boy or a girl. Great gift if you ask me. Will put it on Etsy tonight.

Ok, gotta talk about accessories next time for sure! Will do that by Friday–another deadline!